Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Mjengo indeed

posted by Cosmic Leap @ 5:44 PM  

reply to... mjengo story. Yes... those flat chapos with no salt or sugar. Those big hard hands callous and rough. Those sweaty breasts; that money that smells like breasts and God Forbid! ass!!. That dad that was crashed to smithereens when coming drunk and blind from Waragi/Methanol/Ethanol mix. The other dad who died of Cholera and other who just ran to shags, his last words... "fuck it". Those shoes ... sole-less and usually gaping.... and those dusty faces exposed to the unforgiving brunt of the African sun .. Those parched lips... holding those gaps of missing teeth.... Those guys, are what? happy with their lives? Really? This is not just ironic! It is evil. As you caress the Maasai-beaded steering of your old-school limited edition E class and massage your nuts in your Gucci underpants... picking out the bits of nyama choma from Kenyatta market with wooden tooth picks. And as the remaining strands of your balding head dance to the beat of your A/C in that jam... with that Nancy with the sultry slutty voice and big breasts sitting where Lucy with the big ass sat yesterday... on the beige Napa leather of your front passenger seat... probably laughing at your joke and holding your knee coz "heee biko...you are just too funny"... I mean... as you touch the cold gold pendant on your necklace and look at the swarm of workers flooding your road.... you'd imagine that you can be a judge of their happiness?!?? Well... to put it simply. If any of those God forsaken day laborers was asked to give one of their hands to be you... they stick out the hand closest to the blade without a moment's hesitation. And you know. That's the sad truth. This is a feel good anecdote for the rich by the rich about people hustling to survive. A low blow... A typical one dimensional story told from a bird eyes view... a half-blind bird flying a little too high.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Night With Ms K

posted by Paul "The Contrarian" Blake @ 11:03 PM  

Now that I'm catching up with the latest,
I can't help but comment on Ms K's "rebuttal"
to my post on How To Make a Woman Do Anything
in Bed

This girl really knows what she wants in the bedroom and
I admire that. I have no problem teaching a
girl but when she's so in touch with her sexuality
I can't help but be impressed...

Actually, it reminds me of the holiday I spent
in Amsterdam ( a place that every virile man should visit )
... but that's a story for another time. I'll
post the pictures once I fish them out of my album.

When I wrote my first article, many people got
confused because I highlighted one aspect of
the sexual experiences I've had. Don't get distracted
by all the smoke and fire. The point was simple:
"explore damn it!". I wasn't advocating for
using one cavilier method every single time
you hook up with a woman.

Instead, through the extremity of the examples
I gave, I was hoping anyone reading it would
feel the urge to let go of fear and experiment a
little more. Ms K called some of what I said
"proposterous". She then ventured that most
women would not respond to that particular
approach. I beg to differ. Unless Ms K
has slept with enough women to warrant that
generalization, she couldn't possibly know.

I also don't know if the woman next to you right
now will respond to an uber alpha-male
approach. What I do know, is that when you
take a woman ( or man ) to extremes, [s]he tends
to respond in ways that even [s]he didn't
know [s]he could.

So Ms K, here's a challenge: I'll get my whips,
chains, handcuffs, nipple rings and candles.
Come over and I'll guarantee that you'll have the
time of you're life. That is, if you're not too

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Easter Eggs

posted by Paul "The Contrarian" Blake @ 10:14 PM  

Sorry I've been silent everyone... I'm still
recovering from Easter celebrations. I've
had one hell of a week but Easter was
definitely the highlight...

Sometimes I think I'm the luckiest man
on the planet. Last weekend my beliefs were

For the first time in a long time I had
a menagerie trois. The last time I
hooked up with two ladies was on my college
graduation night back in my younger days.
In all honesty the poor girls didn't really
know what was going on. Being the true
college boy I ensured they were drowned
in several bottles of premium vodka. But
that was many years ago.

Over Easter however, the situation was
much more appealing because the girls really
did know what they were doing. Two ( or more )
girls in bed is every man's fantasy. Most
ladies can't understand why we're so obsessed
with the idea. Don't try understand it. It's
one of those wonderful things that God allowed
men exclusively to understand :)

Sadly, after a week of chasing thse girls
for a repeat performance I've got nowhere! It
appears that it really was a once in a lifetime
event ( or rather a "twice in a lifetime" event ).

Friday, April 14, 2006

Being a Guy is Hard

posted by Paul "The Contrarian" Blake @ 2:37 PM  

Finally, a woman who understands.

I used to scoff and roll my eyes when you went on and on about how women were so different and complicated. I probably even told a few of you to fuck off when you got going on that. I wrote it off as simple chauvinism. But then I had an experience that changed my perspective: I tried to have sex with a woman.

My first experience was with a life-long lesbian, and, given her experience and comfort with the whole thing, she took the lead. I wasn't really aware of that because, as a life-long heterosexual, it didn't play out all that differently from the encounters I'd had with men (until we started touching each other, that is). A few months later I met Jen through a mutual friend. Jen and I had a lot in common and as we chatted we learned we had something very interesting in common: we both wanted to have sex with another woman. This revelation came very early in our friendship, and we were obviously attracted to each other, so it seemed inevitable we would end up in bed together. Jen had never been with a woman before, though, so as the more experienced person I ended up taking the lead, taking the male role.

So there we were, two young, healthy, horny women, hot for each other. I figured getting her naked would be no big deal. Was I fucking mistaken. We went on date after date, talking endlessly about who knows what. The whole time I couldn't relax - I kept trying to read her signals, what she said, her body language, trying to figure out if tonight would be the night. It was very strange - I usually loved talking with girlfriends, but this just made me feel exhausted and stupid. What was I doing wrong? Why couldn't I make it happen? And then it dawned on me: this is what guys do ALL THE TIME.

So we did eventually do it, and we had a great time. I thought after that I would be more relaxed, but I was wrong again. It did get easier with each successive encounter, but only slightly. I still felt that pressure to read her mind. Only after 3 or 4 times did I finally feel comfortable with her, and then she moved out of town. We still email and see each other occasionally.

So guys, I have seen into your world, and I can say now, you definitely have it tougher than we do. I feel your pain. And ladies, if you're reading this, go easy on them. If you want to get it on, just let them know. They're killing themselves trying to figure it out. And that's just getting in the way of some potentially good fucking.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Life Goes On...

posted by Cosmic Leap @ 8:35 AM  

The rain pours on and I stare at the ceiling in the house, trying to forget yet another stupid heart break…

Years have gone by as fast as minutes and over time. Dreams have turned into memories, some good; some bad, other dreams have just been shelved away and forgotten.

Time flies by ever so faithfully and consistently. If only we were like time… Doing what we are meant to do instead of getting lost in frivolous activity. If only we were so reliable…

But then life will be boring, wouldn’t it?

It is the risks and uncertainties that make us laugh, cry, hope and strive.

I look at the rain against the window. I feel like my tears are flowing at the same pace, but nothing matters now…

If only I... (sniff)... no more regrets ...

It is over…

Again… It is over again. I just don't seem to learn...

In fact, the world seems to promises yet another string of misadventures.

I look at the screen of the phone and I envy it… So unemotional… Just buzzing away.

I must have pressed the speed dial on the phone by mistake and I can see the name of my EX flashing… I don’t know if I should wait for her to pick and tell her, I had called by mistake… Instead I hit the cancel button. Scroll through the contacts, highlight her name and press the delete key.

I force a smile… but I am sure my face bears a grimace instead. I remember all those exciting and trying moments. The people who looked at us in admiration and respect as we pushed year after year together.

Sometimes I miss that the new found sense of responsibility that she gave me.

Sometimes I miss that phone call that I can make at any time and talk about any thing to someone… who would listen.

But the clock ticks by in a hurry to get to the end of the world, so does life… Life goes on.

Friday, April 07, 2006

From CFA to Affair

posted by janet @ 11:01 AM  

Sorry I've been so silent but this girl has been going through some serious drama. Last time I told you how my CFA got married. Well, that wasn't the end of the story. For about a month I stayed working at the same place until I decided I couldn't handle it and moved somewhere else.

Last week, he called me and told me that he was having problems with his wife. He said that a wife is a formality and he still thinks about me. He told me that he was tired of fighting at home after a few months of marriage. He told me that his wife isn't as good as I am in bed. He asked if we could meet.....

His voice was so gentle and he had that sweet nervous laugh that always melts me and puts a chill in the pit of my stomach....

I don't want to post the rest of the details yet. I'm still trying to sort out how I'm feeling. At yoda's insistence, I'll start by continuing where the last post ended. John was married to a chic who worked in the same building! The tension was palpable. I'll post that story tomorrow.

Thanks for all the support guys.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Love is a Storm

posted by Paul "The Contrarian" Blake @ 5:21 PM  

Over the weekend I finally managed to really relax. I got to sit back, put up my feet and simply enjoy the simple things in life. As it turns out, I also met some friends, one of whom managed to ply me with so much alcohol that I actually agree to join this blog ( *cough*yoda*cough ). But I digress.

On Saturday evening, I met an interesting friendly young bombshell. I was actually surprised that we left the pub at eight in the evening. It's usually a couple of hours past midnight when women are drunk enough to
properly seduce;)

I was prepared for an interesting night and I wasn't disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was impressed with the girl. It's a rare woman who can keep up with me until sun rise.

When I woke up on Sunday, at about eleven in the morning, I was to get an even greater surprise. One of my ex girlfriends had left voice mail on my phone. She said that she wanted to give us another try. Even though she sounded slightly bitter, she was profoundly apologetic.

As I listened to the voicemail, I couldn't help thinking about how crazy men and women are. My ex and I used to fight all the time. Our fights often came to blows ( with me being the hapless punching bag! ). That was one passionate relationship and that passion extended into the bedroom in ways that still make shivers run down my spine. It took three months before the bite scars and scratch marks finally healed. My back and shoulders still look like I've been in sleeping in a bed covered in sheets of barbed wire.

Why is it then, that in a relationship that was filled with cursing and fighting, I'm tempted to call the girl back? Make no mistake, I'm not a relationship man. In fact the reason we broke up was that she found me in bed with another woman ( and even that happened enough times for her to realize that I would never change. )

More importantly, why is it that after I've tortured her so much she still wants to be with me? Why would she want to give us another try when all we'll do is fight and all I'll do is still fuck lots of other girls? It's as though the more I hurt her the more she wants to be with me.

The story gets even more weird. Every girl I've slept with knows that I'm pathologically incapable of being faithful. Still, that doesn't stop them from calling me, going out with me and sleeping with me over and over. Every weekend is the same!

I guess, deep down, we all know that love is a storm. Nothing ever stays the same and the other person is as likely to fall out of the boat into the rolling waves as they are to struggle to steer the boat to safety. What I do know is that I'm loving the storm.

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